Linkedin updated Ad Specs for Sponsored Updates

Linkedin seems to be orienting more towards a self-serve strategy.

While only a few months ago, the best Ad Units were part of Managed services, these products are gradually being rolled out to self-serve advertisers also.

First, Linkedin InMail was added to the self-serve platform (meaning it is available to all advertisers).

The “Follow” option was also recently added to the Ad Units.

The latest feature to be made public is larger Ad Specs for Sponsored Content Ads.


Linkedin sent out an email notifying about the changes. Here is an example  given:

Here is an example of how Sponsored Content appeared on LinkedIn before the change:


And here is how the same Sponsored content will look post the changes:


Note: The description has also been removed.


Overall, this seems like a great move by Linkedin and advertisers can expect a boost in CTR.

The experience advertisers had with managed services was mixed, so these recent changes brings move power to the self-serve advertiser.

This is a good time to try out Linkedin Advertising, if you haven’t done so yet.

And if you had stopped due various factors like high CPA/CPC, then it’s worth giving another shot.


Click here to view updated ad specs 

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