Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools Use Cases (Crazy Egg)


In this post, we will be looking at Conversion Optimisation & Landing Page Optimisation use cases.

A number of tools exist to make your job easier.

The goal of CRO activities is to take “element(s)” of a landing page and test a variation.

And although the majority of these tools are feature-rich, how exactly you use them to make incremental improvements in your conversion rate?

Given below are few use-cases:

The CRO Process:

  1. Review the data provided by CRO tools like CrazyEgg
  2. Study the data in detail to come up with a hypothesis on why certain parts of the page/conversion funnel/process might be under-performing or has scope for improvement.
  3. Note down the existing conversion rate.
  4. Implement the CRO change
  5. Drive traffic to the updated page
  6. Observe improvements if any, once significant stats have been collected
  7. Keep the changes if the Conversion rate has increased, revert if decreased.

Below are some of the areas worth optimizing:

  1. Page Load Time: Try and get as close to 2 seconds as possible. Highly unlikely to backfire in the form of a reduced conversion rate.
  2. Page Length: Use the “Scroll Map” available with most tools. An example hypothesis could be that 95% of your visitors are not scrolling below the 75%-pixel mark of a landing page. This makes the case for either reducing the length of the page or removing the bottom section altogether.
  3. Page Fold: Use the “Scroll Map” report to find out the actual page-fold length by users. Then shift the important content up.
  4. Drop-off point: By what length does the majority of your visitors leave the page? This is an interesting way of using the “Scroll Report”
  5. Unexpected Clicks:  Use the “Heatmap Click Density” report to find out sections of the website that should not be clicked/aren’t clickable – but are still receiving a significant number of clicks. This could mean that users expect something else, but may not be finding what they are looking for.
  6. Distracting elements: Nothing worse than a distracting element that drives visitors away from your Call-to-action/conversion actions. Use the “Heatmap Click Density” report to find out.
  7. Exposure to your USP’s/Key benefits: You came up with a great offer to convert the visitor, but are they seeing it enough? You want to get as many eyeballs as possible on key content on the page. Use the “Scroll Map Density” report to figure this out.

Few more elements worth testing:

  • Product Photos
  • Color contrast in guiding the visitors to the conversion action
  • CTA Button Size
  • CTA button Color
  • Testimonials
  • Simplification (reducing the number of forms on the page)
  • Hero Shot

Recommended CRO tool: Crazy Egg (

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