Use CPM Bidding with Segmentation to beat Linkedin Ads High CPC

Average Cost-Per-Click on Linkedin is high in general. Clicks on Linkedin are more expensive than Google Adwords for most industries, and certainly more expensive than Facebook Ads in pretty much all industries/Verticals. Unlike Google Adwords, there are no “intent” signals like keywords on Linkedin. And unlike Facebook, there is no deep “interest targeting” either. So this […]

Google Analytics Custom Report: Mobile Traffic Performance

Key data points in this report: Engagement & Conversion Data by Mobile operating system. Engagement & Conversion data by Device (Model Name): Search Performance: Keywords driving mobile traffic to the website, & keyword specific website engagement & conversions data: Top Pages Performance for Mobile Traffic: Total visitors, website engagement (bounce rate & pages per visit) as […]

Google Adwords Campaign Structure

google adwords campaign structure

Adwords campaign structure plays a significant role in how a campaign performs. But two other key areas to consider while deciding on the structure are: How they are likely to evolve in the coming months/quarters/years, as more products or services are added. The degree of control over-optimization, especially when it comes to scaling up the […]

Setting Up Lead Nurturing Email Funnels: Part 1

Lead nurturing is a common concept nowadays, especially in the B2B Market where you have the concept of the sales cycle. Marketo defines it as follows: Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel, and through every step of the buyer’s journey. It focuses marketing and […]

Google Analytics Custom Report: PPC Analysis

What this report tells you: Side-by-side comparison of Campaign & revenue data Drill down to Campaign, Ad Group, Keywords & Search Terms level A look at all paid campaign traffic irrespective of networks Comparison of Cost-Per-Click & Revenue-Per-Click data to easily find the most profitable campaigns. Report Sample 1: Report Sample 2: Link to the […]